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General Dentistry

The caring professionals at Guffee Dental offer all the standard services you’d expect from a visit to a dentist in Anderson SC – for every member of the family!

General Dentistry Consultations

It all starts with an examination and perhaps some x-rays to see how you and your mouth are doing. How’s your general oral health? What might need some work? We’ll check it all out, and then we’ll talk.

Treatment Planning

The results of your exam could lead in many directions, and we’ll present all the options to you. Some solutions are quick, and others may require a few visits to Guffee Dental. Together, we’ll make sure you’re on the right path to complete dental health.

Cracked Tooth Testing

Our teeth all wear with age and everyday use, and that’s why we test for cracks that might become troublesome later. The sooner we find potential damage, the sooner we can eliminate future worries.

Root Canals

If a broken or damaged tooth affects the surrounding nerves, you want the pain to end. Sometimes, a root canal is the best way to restore your comfort…and when it’s over, we’ll all feel better.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth removal may be necessary in cases of extensive damage, or to make way for further dental progress. Our goal is to provide you with maximum comfort during any procedure, on your way to a better smile.

Emergency Care

We all know that accidents happen, and that unexpected dental situations occur. Whatever the nature of your problem, our professional dentists in Anderson SC are prepared to help with the finest medical care.


Often, a partial denture is an excellent solution to a dental problem. Whether you need a metal or flexible non-metal partial, our experts can create the right replacement…so you can smile and enjoy meals with ease.

Full Dentures

With a full set of dentures, perfect fit and function are vital. Beyond all the impressions and measurements, we make sure your dentures reflect the real you, so you can live every day with confidence.