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Stopping Dental Problems at the Root

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Stopping Dental Problems at the Root

Have you heard the phrase “the best defense is a good offense” before? Often used in sports or in the military, it means that the best approach to obstacles is to be proactive instead of passive. Believe it or not, this idiom applies to dental care, too! The best way to defend your oral health is by actively taking steps to keep your teeth, tongue, and gums clean. These actions, along with regular dental check-ups, can prevent or lessen severe dental issues in the future. So get ready to go on the offense: these tips will help you stop dental problems at the root.


    • Brush your teeth multiple times a day. When plaque builds up on your teeth, it can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Brush your teeth twice a day – morning and night – and use mouthwash in between. Make sure you select a toothpaste and mouthwash with fluoride to help protect your teeth from decay!


    • Clean between your teeth once a day. You can use floss, a dentist-approved pick, a water flosser, or brushes with bristles that are specially designed to get between your teeth. Flossing will help remove plaque and food particles from your gums and the tight crevices between your teeth, which can help prevent gingivitis or even severe gum disease.


    • Avoid sugary and acidic foods in excess. We all know that sugary foods can be bad for your teeth, but it can be hard to remember that in the face of a slice of delicious chocolate cake! You can still enjoy sweets in moderation, but remember that sugar causes tooth decay – so try to cut back on sweet snacks and drinks. Acidic foods can also lead to dental erosion, and it’s important to know tart treats like citrus fruits and fizzy drinks can do damage if you consume them often. Just as a balanced, nutritious diet will help the rest of your body feel healthier, the same is true for your teeth!


    • Wear a mouth guard. Mouth guards are often required in sports to help protect athletes’ teeth and to cushion the jaw in cases of concussions or head trauma. If you or your child play a contact sport, don’t just grab the first mouth guard you see at the sporting goods store; instead, research the kinds of mouth guards that are available and choose the best one for all-around protection. Plus, mouth guards aren’t just for sports! Many of us grind our teeth at night and may be unaware of doing this in our sleep. A nighttime mouth guard can help lessen gum recession and act as a barrier between your teeth as you grind them. Ask our team about getting a nighttime mouth guard to help cut down on harmful grinding.


    • Schedule preventive care appointments with your dentist. Doing all these activities at home is a great way to get a leg up on dental problems, but it’s still important to layer in preventive dental care. Schedule appointments regularly as part of your proactive oral health regimen. Our expert team provides teeth cleaning treatments, fluoride treatments, protective sealants, periodontal cleanings, and comprehensive oral exams to help keep you on the right track.


Maintaining good oral health is a daily challenge! Luckily, you have Guffee Dental Associates on your team. We’ll answer any of your questions or concerns and design an effective dental plan with you. Take your first step toward a strong offensive strategy by scheduling an appointment with Guffee Dental Associates today.