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What A Pain In The Tooth! Your Guide to Tooth Pain.

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What A Pain In The Tooth! Your Guide to Tooth Pain.

Oh, the dreaded toothache! We’ve all had one and there is nothing worse than going about your day and a sharp electrifying pain putting everything to a halt. Tooth pain can range from mild to severe depending on the situation, so let’s discuss a few symptoms to look out for and when you should call Guffee Dental.


If you have sensitive teeth or gums, you probably know exactly what triggers that uncomfortable feeling. Tooth sensitivity is a very common type of tooth pain that may complicate things like eating or drinking. You may feel a sharp jolt against your teeth if you drink hot or cold beverages, or if you are eating and one side of your mouth becomes increasingly tender, and you must chew on a different side.


Tooth sensitivity is often linked to weakened enamel or receding gumlines. If you experience constant severe sensitivity issues, especially during your annual cleaning visits, your Dentist may need to check for a cracked tooth or root exposure. Avoiding acidic foods, hot and cold beverages, and investing in toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth is best for minor sensitivity.


If you have a mild to moderate dull ache, this is what we call a classic toothache. You’ll probably feel this either in multiple teeth or down into your jaw area. Before you grab the Tylenol, check to see if something is stuck between your teeth. Most of the time, a dull ache is caused by food that has been caught and you simply need to floss. If the ache is located in the back of your mouth, you may be experiencing your wisdom teeth coming in or nighttime bruxism, AKA: grinding your teeth. If you start waking up with soreness every morning, it’s time to call Guffee Dental for help.


A sharp pain that feels very intense when one tooth touches down on another, or chronic pain from a chip or fracture always requires a dental visit. If you experience throbbing pain from an existing filling or crown, you may have an issue with your restoration. Pay close attention to what triggers your pain and when it starts so your dentist can better assess the problem.

We know toothaches are no fun and at Guffee Dental, we want to help you get the relief you need. View our website for more information and give us a call to set up your appointment.