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Why you should LOVE to floss!

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Why you should LOVE to floss!

Here at Guffee Dental, we love seeing every one of our patients. And we enjoy helping each of you have the best possible oral health! Whenever you visit, you can be sure someone will ask you if you’re flossing each day. Do you know why we ask? Look, we know flossing may not always be your favorite thing to do, but there are several great reasons to floss at least once every day. Once you see these, we think you’ll learn to love it!


· Simply brushing your teeth does remove some plaque, but only about 60% of it. That other 40% is tucked away between your teeth where the brush won’t reach. The only way to get it out is by flossing. New plaque builds up each day, so you need to floss it away regularly!


· Plaque contains bacteria, and when it stays between your teeth, it can build up and cause cavities. Prolonged tooth decay in between your teeth can weaken your teeth substantially before any symptoms arise.  Nobody wants that, so develop a flossing routine to help prevent it!


· Flossing helps prevent bad breath! The bacteria that gather between teeth produce acids that smell pretty funky. That’s what happens in your mouth overnight. Mouthwash is nice, but flossing is what actually clears it out most effectively, so your breath will smell fresher all day.


· Everyone wants to save money, and flossing can help with that. Taking better care of your teeth by removing plaque and bacteria in between them each day can help prevent costly dental problems down the road. Avoiding cavities or extensive dental work is much cheaper and easier than having your teeth fixed later!


· Daily flossing can also help prevent gum disease, which can lead to many other health problems. Researchers have found links between gum disease and Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues. Preventing gum disease at the source with a simple routine can help your overall health!


There are so many reasons why flossing should be an important part of each day. It just takes a minute, and it has a lot of excellent benefits. It protects your teeth, prevents more dental work, keeps you healthier, and gives you fresher breath. It’s a vital part of your good oral hygiene. That’s why you should LOVE to floss!